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Located in a beautiful but flood-prone area, the Leblond Addition project began with a crucial step – elevation on stilts. By raising the structure, we ensured that the home was better equipped to withstand coastal flooding and provide peace of mind to the homeowners.

At Patton Contracting, we’re no strangers to the unique challenges of coastal living. The Leblond Addition presented an opportunity to blend innovation and craftsmanship while addressing the practical concerns of flooding and maximizing space.

Coastal Home Addition Project Overview

The Leblond Home Addition project on the Outer Banks is a testament to our commitment to coastal resilience and architectural innovation, featuring elevated construction on stilts to combat flooding, an extended roofline for seamless integration, vaulted pine ceilings for a sense of grandeur, and an expansive new deck and deck extension that together redefine coastal living.

great room/viewing tower addition

Elevator Addition

Tile fireplace + Vaulted pine ceiling

Wet bar/wine cooler

Seamless Great Room/Office Home Extension

Our crowning achievement within this project is the Great Room/Office Addition. This masterpiece seamlessly melds with the existing structure to optimize living space. Not only has it expanded the overall square footage of the home, but it has also ushered in an abundance of natural light. As you step into this room, you’ll be captivated by breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean, the sound, and the tranquil pond. It’s a testament to coastal living at its finest, where the beauty of the environment outside is expertly integrated into the heart of your home.

Elevator, great room, home office & viewing tower addition

Expansive Decks and Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is a way of life on the Outer Banks, and the Leblond Addition embraced our custom carpentry wholeheartedly. We designed and built three expansive decks, providing ample space for outdoor dining, relaxation, and entertainment. The deck extension offered additional room for soaking in the sun and enjoying the breeze with sound to ocean views.

Home elevation + Addition on Stilts for Flood Mitigation

The Leblond Addition was a comprehensive project that began with a critical focus on flood mitigation. Elevating the structure on sturdy stilts not only safeguarded the home against potential flooding but also allowed us to create an additional level of living space underneath.

Revitalized Ground-Level Deck

The project also involved revamping the ground-level deck. By choosing durable materials and modern finishes, we created a welcoming space that blended seamlessly with the coastal environment. It was the perfect spot for family gatherings and enjoying the tranquility of the Outer Banks.

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Whether you are building the new construction coastal dream home of your dreams of remodeling a house, we’re here to make it happen.

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